Feet First – suppliers of DB Wider Fit shoes

We are suppliers of DB Wider Fit shoes and stock a large range of their brands – Easy B, Da Bella and DB Shoes in our newly refurbished shoe shop on site at Feet First.

So many of our patients have difficulty finding shoes to fit their feet whether it is because they have wide feet or problem areas where a deeper or wider shoe would provide a better fit, and they want something stylish. DB Wider Fit Shoes have a large range of styles and colours to suit every taste.

We have been promoting DB Wider Fit Shoes for many years but patients had to buy online. This is not ideal because everyone who has difficulty finding good fitting shoes will know that shoes need to be tried on. We felt it would be so much better if people could come and be fitted. We have qualified and trained Shoe Fitters in the clinic who can help ensure you get the best fit possible.

DB Wider Fit Shoes are SPECIALISTS IN WIDE AND DEEP FITTING SHOES. The only company that offers shoes in V (E-EEE), EE, 2V, 4E ,6V, 6E and 8E fittings, ensuring “the perfect fit for wider feet”. Click on the image below for further information on the fittings.

Made in the factory in Rushden, Northamptonshire, or in one of the partner factories, developed in the UK and made exclusively for DB Wider Fit Shoe, they are manufactured using their own custom-developed lasts, ensuring deep and wide toe boxes for a comfortable fit in the toe area. Many styles are adjustable in their design allowing for easy access or adjustment during wear. Many also have removable insoles to allow for increased depth or to allow the insertion of your orthotic device.

For more information about the footwear and to view the range available please see the website www.widerfitshoes.co.uk.

Our shoe shop is open 9.30 to 4.30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, when our trained shoe fitter will be available for a drop-in service. (Please note, we close from 1pm until 2pm for lunch each day.) Come and view our superb range of wider fitting footwear.