Nail Surgery

Nail surgery may be necessary if there is an ongoing problem with an ingrowing toenail. An ingrowing toenail is one that pierces the flesh of the toe. It can often be a splinter of nail digging into the flesh, and can be extremely painful. If left untreated, it may become infected.

Nails become damaged due to trauma (i.e. shoe pressure, sport trauma or injury). They may become thickened or ingrown due to genetic factors such as posture, gait or foot deformities.

Some nails involute, which means they are curved at the edges pressing against the skin, causing hard skin to build up under the nail edge. All these problems can be cured with nail surgery, if they do not respond to conservative treatment.

The most common cause is bad nail cutting.

Your Podiatrist may recommend a PNA (Partial Nail Avulsion) or TNA (Total Nail Avulsion).

Nail surgery is a done under a local anaesthetic where a small section of the offending nail edge is removed including the growing area at the base of the nail, so the nail becomes slightly narrower. A chemical is used to prevent the nail re-growing along the offending edge. The procedure takes 40-60 minutes to perform and has a 97% success rate. As with all surgery, there are risks which your podiatrist will discuss with you.

This procedure was developed by podiatrists.

Nail Surgery